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EMBED LINK: https://youtu.be/BnvHquDQfis 
EMBED LINK: https://youtu.be/jqfj9_eX-ac
Below Are Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions Related To Promoting Our Products As An Affiliate.
How much money can I make promoting these products as an affiliate?

We have many affiliates making several thousands of dollars a day with The Original 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and we are consistently one of the bestselling products on amazon and iTunes.. If you utilise the sources and commit you will make money.

How many upsells do you have and how much will I get from them?

We have focused on the main products at the moment, we will be rolling out upsells shortly but have found that the main products offer a quality and sustainable income for our affiliates.

Can I use any graphics, before-after images, logos, testimonials, or content in promoting these products?

Yes! You are welcome to use any images or content from our website to promote the product. You don’t need our permission for what you can use. Can I link directly to the checkout? Yes, you can create your affiliate link using the facility in click bank.

Is email marketing permitted for these products?

Yes, but no SPAM. Please only market to opted-in subscribers. You can find some emails to send here or create your own.

Can I submit my tracking code to you?

Due to security concerns, we cannot take any tracking codes at this time.

Do you have any customer demographics available?

Yes, but with this being said – you will have a better and more refined understanding of your current demographic. For example some of our affiliates are selling to mothers, 34-44, 40km radius – while others are focused on recent divorcees, higher educations, at a national level. Both products can be tailored to your demongraphic.

Do you have a free review copy available?

Ideally, we do not like to distribute free copies of our products as it often leads to leaks and free copies of the book being circulated to potential customers without permission. However you can sign up and follow the funnel where you will get a good understanding of the quality and system. This inside knowledge may help with your promotion of the program.

Do you have any tips for promoting these products?

There are millions of people around the world searching for weight loss and fitness solutions. Feel free to use any of the affiliate material here to drive those potential customers to your affiliate link. Volume is key. The more people you send to your link, the more money you will make.
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